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Satellite image of CyprusThe east Mediterranean island of Cyprus possesses an astounding archaeology. A veritable crossroads of ancient trade and people movements, Cyprus also showcases its own unique cultural adaptations in a fascinating array of archaeological sites. This page serves to link readers with the most important online resources and current excavations.


Cyprus – Visible Earth (NASA)

Archaeological Excavations in Cyprus (Republic of Cyprus, Press and Information Office list of archaeological excavations being conducted in Cyprus. NB: needs updating, most recent entry is for 1998)

SCSP: Sydney Cyprus Survey Project (Department of Archaeology, University of Glasgow, Scotland)

The Sydney Cyprus Survey Project: Digital Archive (Archaeology Data Service, UK)

Article: American Journal of Archaeology 107.2 (2003) – Goren, Y., Bunimowitz, Sh., Finkelstein, I. & Na’aman, N., “The Location of Alashiya: New Evidence from Petrographic Investigation of Alashiyan Tablets from El-Amarna and Ugarit”

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