Iran (Persia)

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General View of PersepolisThe archaeology of Iran (ancient Persia) is only in its initial stages with respect to online documentation. Representing a veritable treasure trove of ancient sites, expeditions working in the country should be encouraged to publish at least a summary of their efforts through the Internet, as a better modern reflection of the profound periodic influence of Iran / Persia on the history and cultures of the Ancient Near East.

General – A webite dedicated to the Parthian Empire of Perisa (247 BCE – 228 CE), contemporary with ancient Rome

Archaeobotanical Reports from Iran and Related Items (Naomi F. Miller, University of Pennsylvania Museum)

Anshan (Tal e-Malyan)

Archaeological Excavations at Tal e-Malyan 1971-1978 (University Museum, University of Pennsylvania)


Arisman – Ausgrabungen in Arisman: Frühe Metallgewinnung und Metallverarbeitung im westlichen Zentraliran (Deutsches Archäologisches Institut)

Tall e-Bakun

The Tall e-Bakun Project (Oriental Institute, University of Chicago)

Chogha Bonut

Excavations at Chogha Bonut – the Earliest Village in Susiana (Oriental Institute, University of Chicago)

Deh Luran

The Deh Luran Archaeological Project (University of Michigan)

Site profiles the work undertaken during the 1960s in the Deh Luran plain of southwestern Iran, an offshoot of the Mespotamian region and cultural zone.

Godin Tepe

Article: Weiss, Harvey & T. Cuyler Young, Jr., “Merchants of Susa: Godin V and plateau-lowland relations in the late Fourth Millennium BC. Iran”, Journal of Persian Studies 10 (1975), pp.1-17.

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