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Following is a short selection of testimonials, opinion and site reviews of AncientNearEast.net , freely given. Thanks to all who have ventured opinion, made suggestions and provided constructive criticism – it is all greatly appreciated. To make your own contribution to the site’s feedback, please contact the [email protected] .

Engraving of Assyrian stela————

“Thank you for your interest in our site. I do know your Ancient Near East site, and appreciate its usefulness and elegance!”

Prof Giorgio Buccellati (UCLA), Director, Urkesh Excavations

“I am putting your url into my course syllabus. Thanks!”
Prof Harvey Weiss, (Yale), Director, Tell Leilan Project

“Last, but the first thing that caught my attention on your website: after many many hours of surfing the web, yours is the first website I found that is written according to the International standards and validated accordingly. You have a wonderful website, and I wanted to send you my congratulations for it!”

Paola E. Raffetta, Editor, Transoxiana.org

“Saw your posting at ANE on Yemeni sites. Very good. You have created a great web resource”.

Prof Michael Fuller (Uni Missouri), Director, Tell Tuneinir Excavations, Syria, President St. Louis Society, AIA

“I wanted to tell you how impressed I am with your web site. It is really wonderful…. We can use it to train our docents when they give tours to the school groups. I am sure there is more on the site that will be useful, too”.

Dena Davis, Harvard Semitic Museum, May 2003

“The pages are very good. Congratulations”.

Greg Reeder, Egyptology.com

“The ancient Near East has been the birthplace of some of civilization’s most important advances, among them written language, the impulse to urbanism, and crop cultivation. Created and maintained by Paul James Cowie (a doctoral student at Australia’s Macquarie University), the site is a fine resource for both scholars and the general public. Scholars will want to make sure and take a look at the conference diary section, which lists upcoming conferences and various calls for papers and other submissions. The announcements section is of additional interest, as it gives advance notice regarding related activities, including international symposia. For the general public, a host of sections (such as museums and galleries) offer comprehensive listings of Web-based resources ranging from Egyptology links to those dealing with cuneiform. The Web site also contains a listing of links to museums that specialize in the antiquities and archaeology of the Near East located around the world”.

Anonymous Reviewer, Technology Applications for Learning Network (US Education Reform Networks)
?, 2003

“This is a most useful website (that) I’m trying to get (my) students to use”

Edgar Peltenburg, Professor of Archaeology, University of Edinburgh

“Ancient Near East: C’est un site qu’il faut absolument connaître. Il est donc important de prendre le temps de l’explorer”.

Archéologie du Proche-Orient, lundi 8 septembre 2003, par Philippe Abrahami

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