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From prehistory to the end of Antiquity in the 7th century CE, embracing the diverse and exotic lands at the meeting point of three continents, the Ancient Near East (together with Egypt) occupies a vastly influential position in world archaeology and ancient history, art, culture and religion.

Passionately dedicated to electronic resourcing and content provision, Ancient Near East .Net forms a dynamic portal site evolving gradually to help meet the diverse needs of the Ancient Near East research community (scholars and laypersons alike) for content, ideas, resources and information exchange.

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Saturday 11 September 2004

Compilation starts of a new series of pages providing a detailed Glossary of Ceramic Attributes, replacing a far older online resource, now no longer available. Suggestions for content welcome.

Sunday 5 September 2004

As a result of enquiries on the ANE List, the Mittani Bibliography page is resurrected as an online resource.

Wednesday 16 June 2004

Two new pages, devoted to the Chalcolithic Period and the Middle Bronze Age in the Levant, join one earlier page describing the Early Bronze Age period in the Levant, as new additions to the online Archaeology of the Levant.

Friday 2 January 2004

The start of a New Year sees the advent of a new experimental policy on this domain – the inclusion of advertising onsome pages in order to offset operating costs. (NB: in the last year, no one has donated even a small amount via Paypal – see above). Advertising content is supplied by Google AdSense, carefully vetted by myself to exclude questionable sites (like those owned by antiquities dealers), and confined only to listings pages – content pages will remain ad-free for the meantime.

Friday 19 December 2003

A new page, devoted to the Early Bronze Age period in the Levant and a core chapter in what is planned to be an online Archaeology of the Levant is placed online.

Thursday 18 December 2003

A page presenting the biography of the British archaeologist Kathleen Kenyon is placed online.

Sunday 14 December 2003

A new ware profile page, for the distinctive Tell el-Yehudiyeh Ware, is placed online.

Friday 5 December 2003

The popular page treating the small ivory pomegranate, inscribed for the priests of the Temple of Yahweh and now displayed in the Israel Museum, returns to this website.

Monday 11 August 2003

Yet another series of pages is begun, on the lives and times of ancient Near Eastern and Egyptian rulers, with a profile of the man considered first pharaoh of Egypt’s 18th Dynasty, Ahmose.

Sunday 15 June 2003

Work begins on a new series of pages resourcing Coptic, the final form of the ancient Egyptian language.

Saturday 3 May 2003

Two new pages – one for Kids, the other for Fun and Games – are created, exploring the lighter side of the Ancient Near East and Egypt.

Wednesday 30 April 2003

A new series of pages, providing a guide to Mesopotamian Religion, begins development.

Tuesday 8 April 2003

A new page dedicated to resourcing themes in Archaeology in the Near East is created.

Friday 7 February 2003

An effort to better resource the wide field of Ugarit studies begins with an Ugarit Bibliography page.

Friday 7 February 2003

A new page devoted linking to specific Egyptology resources is added to the site, followed by three others devoted to resources documenting and resourcing studies in Cuneiform / Assyriology, Papyrology and Hittitology.

Monday 27 January 2003

The Story of Sinuhe gains a Bibliography amongst these pages.

Saturday 25 January 2003

A series of new pages devoted to documenting and resourcing the Tale of Wenamun begins with a comprehensive Bibliography.

A new page listing resources for Egyptian Religion is also added.

Saturday 11 January 2003

Start of a new project… Over twelve years ago Geoffrey Martin published a bibliography for the Amarna period in Egypt. This site will now undertake a new, constantly updated and electronic publication of the same historical period. The first phase (now underway) is the collation of a Complete Amarna Bibliography, to be followed by sub-topic pages and abstracts in the subsequent phases.

Saturday 7 December 2002

A new page for the Sites and Excavations series is put up, listing the online resources for archaeological sites and excavations in Yemen.

Saturday 30 November 2002

Work began on a Glossary page, compiling a list of specialist words and terminology relating to the archaeology, enthnography and history of the Ancient Near East.

Saturday 23 November 2002

A page transliterating and translating the Taanakh Texts is posted on the site. Includes a Bibliography for the small but important corpus of cuneiform texts.

Thursday 24 October 2002

The new flyer calling for dig volunteers for the Tel Rehov excavations (beginning 15 June 2003) has been released in print and in graphic form. is pleased to host the graphic form of the flyer online.

Wednesday 16 October 2002

The new link page for Sites and Excavations is announced on the ANE and EEF lists. A number of new countries – Cyprus, Iraq and Iran – are added to the site.

Thursday 10 October 2002

The new page for Museums and Galleries listings is announced on the ANE and EEF lists – reader numbers double for the next few days!

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