Enlil (Ellil)

Enlil (Akkadian Ellil) was one of the most important deities in the Mesopotamian pantheon, even if his mythological origins are somewhat confused: occasionally, Enlil is said to be the son of An and brother to the goddess Aruru; sometimes, however, his descent is traced to Enki (not the god of the same name) and Ninki – “Lord and Lady Earth”.

Enlil’s wife was Ninlil (or Sud) and among the offspring of Enlil are the deities Inanna, Iškur, Nanna-Suen (Sin), Nergal, Ninurta / Ningirsu, Pabilsag, Nusku, Utu, Uraš, Zababa and Ennugi. The minister of Enlil was known as Nusku.

In Neo-Assyrian iconography Enlil was symbolised by a horned cap; astrologically, Enlil was associated with the constellation we know today as Boötes. Word images used to describe Enlil are as follows: king, supreme lord, father and creator, raging storm, wild bull and even “merchant”. The god is sometimes appellated Nunamnir.

The chief cult centre for Enlil was the great temple E.KUR (“mountain house”) at Nippur. Enlil, similarly, was often called the “Great Mountain” and “King of the Foreign Lands”, suggesting to some scholars a connection with the Zagros Mountains bordering Lower Mesopotamia to the north-east.

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