Hittite King List

The table below is reproduced from Trevor Bryce, The Kingdom of the Hittites, Oxford, 1998, pp.xiii-xiv.

Old Kingdom
Labarna ?-1650
Hattusili I 1650-1620 grandson (?)
Mursili I 1620-1590 grandson, adopted son (?)
Hantili I 1590-1560 brother-in-law
Zidanta I | son-in-law
Ammuna | 1560-1525 son
Huzziya I | brother of Ammuna’s daughter-in-law
Telepinu 1525-1500 brother-in-law
Alluwamna | son-in-law
Tahurwaili | interloper
Hantili II | 1500-1400 son of Alluwamna (?)
Zidanta II | son (?)
Huzziya II | son (?)
Muwatalli I | interloper
New Kingdom
Tudhaliya I/II | grandson of Huzziya II (?)
Arnuwanda I | 1400-1360* son-in-law, adopted son
Hattusili II (?) | son (?)
Tudhaliya III 1360-1344 son (?)
Suppiluliuma I 1344-1322 son
Arnuwanda II 1322-1321 son
Mursili II 1321-1295 brother
Muwatilli II 1295-1272 son
Urhi-Teshub 1272-1267 son
Hattusili III 1267-1237 uncle
Tudhaliya IV 1237-1228 son
Kurunta 1228-1227 cousin
Tudhaliya IV+ 1227-1209 cousin
Arnuwanda III 1209-1207 son
Suppiluliuma II 1207-? brother

* Includes period of coregency, + Second reign as king

Bryce notes (loc. cit.): “All dates are approximate. When it is impossible to suggest even approximate dates for the individual reigns of two or more kings in sequence, the period covered by the sequence is roughly calculated on the basis of 20 years per reign. While obviously some reigns were longer than this, and some shorter, the averaging out of these reigns probably produces a result with a reasonably small margin of error.”


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