Ancient Near East and Egypt

Engraving of Assyrian stelaThe Ancient Near East enjoys an increasingly high profile on the World Wide Web, with new links and resources appearing weekly. Several portals or “gateway” sites have been developed to provide guided browsing to online resources, some general, others more specific (Egyptology is particularly well-resourced with portal sites).

Following is an alphabetical listing of the primary reputable portals relating to the Ancient Near East, each accompanied by a brief description.
The University of Chicago Oriental Institute’s online listing of electronic resources relating to the Ancient Near East, a component of the larger ETANA.

Screen grab, ArchaeogateArchaeogate
Il Portale Italiano di Archeologia

An Italian language portal to matters archaeological – relevant sections (amongst others) include: Egittologia, Papirologia and Vicino Oriente.

Screen grab, The AtriumThe Atrium

A generalised portal dedicated listing resources relating to the Ancient Mediterranean world, including Greece and Rome, in addition to Egypt and the Ancient Near East. Edited by David Meadows, compiler of the weekly Explorator mailing list.

Screen grab, bibarch.comBibArch.com
BibArch.com provides an extremely useful resource for Biblical Archaeology, presented from a conservative Protestant Christian perspective.

Screen grab, egiptologia.plEgiptologia.pl
This site serves as an effective Polish language portal and content provision site for Egyptological resources. Includes news in Polish of new discoveries and research, in addition to information on Polish excavation efforts.

Screen grab, egyptology.comEgyptology.com
Set up and maintained by Greg Reeder, Egyptology.com has an extensive listing of online Egyptological resources (“the best Egypt links on the web”).

Screen Grab, Egyptology ResourcesEgyptology Resources
Set up and maintained by Dr Nigel Strudwick, a British Museum curator,Egyptology Resources has been serving the Egyptological community since 1994. As such, it is the longest-established – and one of the best-documented – portal sites for ancient Egypt.

Screen grab, Etana.orgETANA
From the acronym “Electronic Tools and Ancient Near Eastern Archives”, ETANA is a growing collection of resources maintained by a consortium of universities worldwide.

Screen grab, Guardians EgyptGuardians Egypt
Set up and maintained by Andrew Bayuk, the Guardians domain also hoststhe Plateau, the official site of Dr Zahi Hawass (Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities for Egypt and Director of the Giza Pyramids Excavation).

Screen grab, OkeanosOkeanos

An interdisciplinary resource for the study of the Ancient, Biblical, Classical, and Late Antique Near East, created and maintained by Scott Noegel of the University of Washington.

Screen grab, l'Orientalistel’Orientaliste

A useful French language (and Francocentric) portal to the region of the Middle and Near East – includes sections devoted to archéologie andégyptologie.

Screen grab, ThotwebThotweb

An excellent French language portal devoted specifically to Egyptology.

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