Israel ישראל دولة اسرائيل

sites & excavations

Although annually the scene of multiple excavations, Israeli archaeology is currently – and unfortunately – ill-documented electronically. Those sites and excavations that possess effective online content are listed below. Please note that many pages include details for volunteer participation within excavations, on which many Israeli excavations rely heavily.

Archaeobotanical Reports from the Levant
(Israel, Jordan, Lebanon) and Related Items (Naomi Miller, University of Pennsylvania Museum)

Expedition 2003 – Exploring the Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean
Website profiling the expedition to the Black Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean led by Dr. Robert Ballard. Features frequent updates and progress reports. Follow up to the wreck discovery off the Israeli coast at Ashkelon in 1999 (see also under Ashkelon below).

Water off Ashkelon, Israel”

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