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This page links to resources, both fun and educational, exploring the the Ancient Near East and Egypt for children and young people.

BM Ancient Egypt logo
Ancient Egypt (British Museum Education – Ancient Civilization Series)

Dig – the Archaeology Magazine for Kids (Archaeological Institute of America)

Dig Magazine logoAllows young people to share in the thrill of archaeological discovery while learning about the cultural, scientific, and architectural traits and beliefs of different societies. Recent developments in the field of archaeology form the magazine’s core subject matter. Each issue focuses on one theme, providing a broad understanding of the topic. Colorful graphics, photos, puzzles, games, and hands-on projects enhance cognitive and critical thinking skills.

Dig Nubia – Exploring the Science of Archaeology
An entertaining and well-resourced Flash-based presentation of archaeology in the Sudan for kids and young people.

BM Mesopotamia logoMesopotamia (British Museum Education – Ancient Civilization Series)

Neferchichi’s Tomb
The Tomb of the Chihuahua Pharaohs – mainly for kids, though some adults may get bitten!Banner Neferchichi's Tomb
Odyssey in Egypt
This website, built for sixth graders to learn about archaeology in 1996, was one of the first “online excavations”.
Prepare a Mummy for Burial
This Flash-based interactive presentation allows students to mummify an ancient Egyptian – excellent! Can take a little while to load, however, so do be patient… (Oriental Institute, University of Chicago)
Underwater excavation in progress at Ulu BurunExplore Underwater Archaeology – the Ulu Burun Shipwreck
An interactive feature that lets you explore the famous Bronze Age shipwreck found in 1984 off the coast of Turkey. View the variety of artifacts from cultures around the Mediterranean and learn how archaeologists pieced together the mission of this ship. [Please note that the Flash web browser plug-in is needed for this site].


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